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Christendom’s Bloodguilt

Posted by BulletProofPoet on May 16, 2012 in The Rankled Poet |

The “Church,” Pope and so-called religious entities are rife with bloodguilt. The National Socialists began viewing the Jews as a cancer and started segregating and persecuting them. Hitler begins his “master race” propaganda (which such prejudice is an unscriptural “christian” teaching BTW), and all the while no religion stepped up to condemn him. To the contrary, they gave their approval.

Guenter Lewy writes in his book The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany: “Had German Catholicism from the start adhered to a policy of resolute opposition to the Nazi regime, world history might well have taken a different course. Even if this struggle had ultimately failed to defeat Hitler and prevent all of his many crimes, it would in this view have raised the moral prestige of the Church immeasurably. The human cost of such resistance would undeniably have been great, but these sacrifices would have been made for the greatest of all causes. With the home front unreliable, Hitler might not have dared going to war and literally millions of lives would have been saved. . . . When thousands of German anti-Nazis were tortured to death in Hitler’s concentration camps, when the Polish intelligentsia was slaughtered, when hundreds of thousands of Russians died as a result of being treated as Slavic Untermenschen [subhumans], and when 6,000,000 human beings were murdered for being ‘non-Aryan,’ Catholic Church officials in Germany bolstered the regime perpetrating these crimes. The Pope in Rome, the spiritual head and supreme moral teacher of the Roman Catholic Church, remained silent.”—Pages 320, 34

The Catholics supported both sides in the two world wars, in which people of the same religion, “brothers,” killed one another. For example, in WW II, French and American Catholics killed German and Italian Catholics; At times, they killed others who were not only of the same religion but also of the same national background. The two world wars erupted in the heart of Christendom and wouldn’t have been possible had the clergy obeyed the commandment to love, and taught their followers to do the same. But instead, review of the historic record will show that it was the Church’s illicit religio-political relationship that catapulted Hitler into power in Nazi Germany.

In Fascist Italy, on February 11, 1929, the Lateran Treaty was signed by Mussolini and Cardinal Gasparri, making Vatican City a sovereign state. Pope Pius XI claimed that he had “given Italy back to God, and God back to Italy.” Really? 6 years later, on October 3, 1935, Italy invaded Abyssinia, claiming that it was “a barbarous land which still practises slavery.” Who was really being barbarous? Did the Catholic Church condemn Mussolini’s barbarity? While the pope issued ambiguous statements, his bishops were quite vocal in blessing the armed forces of their Italian “fatherland.” In the book The Vatican in the Age of the Dictators, Anthony Rhodes reports:

“In his Pastoral Letter of the 19th October [1935], the Bishop of Udine [Italy] wrote, ‘It is neither timely nor fitting for us to pronounce on the rights and wrongs of the case. Our duty as Italians, and still more as Christians is to contribute to the success of our arms.’ The Bishop of Padua wrote on the 21st October, ‘In the difficult hours through which we are passing, we ask you to have faith in our statesmen and armed forces.’ On the 24th October, the Bishop of Cremona consecrated a number of regimental flags and said: ‘The blessing of God be upon these soldiers who, on African soil, will conquer new and fertile lands for the Italian genius, thereby bringing to them Roman and Christian culture. May Italy stand once again as the Christian mentor to the whole world.

Yes, Abyssinia was raped with the blessing of the Roman Catholic clergy.

Most damning of all is their OWN admittance! The Roman Catholic Church in France  issued a formal “Declaration of Repentance,” asking God and the Jewish people for forgiveness for the “indifference” the Catholic Church showed toward the persecution of Jews under France’s wartime Vichy government. From 1940 to 1944, more than 75,000 Jews were arrested and deported from France to Nazi death camps. In a statement read by Archbishop Olivier de Berranger, the church admitted that it had allowed its own interests “to obscure the biblical imperative of respect for every human being created in the image of God.” This was reported in the French newspaper Le Monde.

The declaration read, in part: “The church must recognize that in regard to the persecution of the Jews, and especially in regard to manifold anti-Semitic measures decreed by the Vichy authorities, indifference by far prevailed over indignation. Silence was the rule, and words in favor of the victims the exception. . . . Today, we confess that this silence was a mistake. We also recognize that the church in France failed in its mission as the educator of people’s consciences.”

I also thought the words of British flying officer, David Walker, in a conversation with a Catholic priest during World War II was interesting.

“You know, padre, on our aircraft one of our crew members is a Catholic, and you bless him before we go off on bombing missions over Germany. Now, the same Catholic religion in Germany is blessing a Catholic crew member of a German aircraft that comes over and destroys our cities. So the question I ask is, ‘Whose side is God on?’”

The New York Times stated: “In the past local Catholic hierarchies almost always supported the wars of their nations, blessing troops and offering prayers for victory, while another group of bishops on the other side publicly prayed for the opposite outcome. . . . The contradiction between the Christian spirit and the conduct of war . . . seems increasingly clear to many, as weapons grow more brutal.” And U.S.News & World Report noted: “The prestige of Christianity in the world has been gravely impaired by the frequency with which the so-called Christian nations have used violence.”

The Catholic’s bloodguilt goes back hundreds of years actually. Christendom’s, and the Catholics in particular, leaders, religious and secular, displayed intense hatred for anyone who tried to encourage Bible reading or anyone who exposed their unscriptural practices. John Hus and Bible translator William Tyndale were persecuted and martyred. During the Middle Ages their oppressive rule reached a peak in the diabolic Catholic Inquisition. Any who disputed the teachings or authority of the church were suppressed, and countless thousands of so-called heretics were tortured to death or burned at the stake.

The Inquisition lasted over 600 years! It was a murderous attempt to torture and stamp out all who disagreed with the church. The Catholics have been swimming in the blood of the innocent for many, many centuries, and the atrocities of the 1930′s and 1940′s represent only a very small part of their guilt.

Peter De Rosa, who states that he is a “patriotic Catholic,” says in his book Vicars of Christ—The Dark Side of the Papacy: “The church was responsible for persecuting Jews, for the Inquisition, for slaughtering heretics by the thousand, for reintroducing torture into Europe as part of the judicial process. . . . Popes appointed and sacked even emperors, demanded that they impose Christianity on their subjects under the threat of torture and death. . . . The cost to the Gospel message was horrendous.” The only “crime” of some who were murdered was that they possessed a Bible. I won’t even get started on the Crusades.

If there really IS a God, this murderous, idolatrous religion’s blood-stained hands will be the evidence for its adverse judgment. Any who associate themselves with this vile organization can only suffer the same fate.


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