The Bullet Proof Poet, as you might know, is not really bullet proof. He only thinks he is. This is something we won’t tell him so as not to do any harm to his little protective shell he has constructed.

The Bullet Proof Poet, or BPP as we will call him for the duration of this “About” segment, is an “IT guy” who owns and operates his own business, but has long since desired to write for a living. However, he wishes not to starve, thus the IT gig.

He has been writing in one form other another since he was six years old, beginning with the rambling scribbles only a six year old can appreciate. This was inspired by a gift he received during the Christmas of ’77. His mother got him his first guitar; a plastic monstrosity with “Bee Gees” loudly displayed across it. He didn’t know who the Bee Gees were at the time, or even that he probably should have been embarrassed. All he knew was, “the creative arts are for me!” Or, he thought this in a six year old sort of way.

Long story short, the BPP grew up, the band of his teenage years was a bust and real life eventually put on firm, cold grasp on our writer wannabe friend. He gets married, has a couple of children. They are the love of his life. Yet, he’s unhappy with what he had become, the path he was destined to take or chosen to take. Having gone on to acquire degrees in programming and networking of all things, he moves from job to job, trying to find the one that will once and for all satisfy him. He’s worked for a $1M a year company that basically operated by the seat of their pants, then onto a $600M a year company whose “What can you do for the company” and “Sarbanes-Oxley” mottos and terms (respectively) were more than he can bear. That lasted about 18 months, beginning in November of ’06.

In 2001 the BPP decided that since he has such a strong passion for writing and the creative arts in general, he would start taking his writing seriously again. He wrote tons of poems and short stories through his teen years and in fact, right up through the mid-90′s or so when real life finally put its strangle hold on him. So here it is (2001), some 6 years since he’s written a single thing, and it’s time once more. He starts simply enough. Just writing one or two pages a day, describing each day’s events and his feelings about them. Inspired, he writes his first short story in six years. Then another and another. Then more poems. He’s writing again! This he does without letup for two years when in 2003, feeling strong and invigorated, he decides he’d tackle his love for movies. His first screenplay is born. A first draft pounded out in only three weeks. It’s a piece of shit though, and he knows it.

He knows if he hopes to perfect the craft of screenwriting that he needs to study the art. He read the books and even took two screenwriting classes. As a result he has written 7 screenplays during the period covering 2003-2008. He’s even written two novels between 2005-2007. However, since late ’08 up until June of ’09, his writing has suffered. Again, real life played its part. Having written so much and having worked so hard only to have nothing pay off. Of his 7 screenplays only one was ever looked at by someone who has connections with someone else with connections who knows someone who can “Recommend” a work so as to garner at least a read by a producer. So close! That was in mid-2007 with what was perhaps the BPP’s darkest, most desperate piece to date.

He’s tried writing stories with smiling faces and rays of sunshine, but he’s not as interested in painting deceptive pictures of hope and glee as he is in revealing the true nature of people and the real world workings of life and its typical end result.

So, for now, he’s much like the millions of other writer wannabes out there who have a deep-seated desire and passion for the written word, but finds himself stuck living the life of an IT Guy, pencil pusher, secretary, waiter, fast food cook, insurance salesman, nurse, carpenter and so on.

So, here we are. You, me, the BPP, working at our crafts and reveling when we find someone who admires our work. So if you see something on this blog that hits home, inspires you, moves you in some way, please, by all means, comment. Words of praise are always welcome. As is constructive criticism.

If you feel so inclined, you may also visit the as of yet, mostly dormant screenwriting forum the BPP has set up. http://scriptlounge.info

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